One tip to EASILY improve weight loss (fiber foods)

We all know dieting isn’t necessarily fun. Sure, getting the results is fun. Seeing the muscle definition come in, fitting in your clothes better, feeling better, all that stuff is fun, but the actual process of dieting isn’t fun. One…

One tip to EASILY improve weight loss (fiber foods)



We all know dieting isn’t necessarily fun. Sure, getting the results is fun. Seeing the muscle definition come in, fitting in your clothes better, feeling better, all that stuff is fun, but the actual process of dieting isn’t fun. One thing you can do to make your diet stink less and be just a little bit more enjoyable and get you a little bit better results in the process is going to be to increase the amount of fibrous food you’re eating.

It’s going to provide you with two benefits. It’s going to help you get full faster, which is going to help you stick to the Calorie target. If you’re hitting your Calorie target and then you’re still hungry after that, the likelihood of you actually staying within that Calorie target and not just continuing to eat food after that goes down pretty drastically.

We want to be full on the diet so that we actually stick to the diet. When you eat these fibrous foods you’re going to get full faster going to stay full longer, which is going to make it easier to stick to whatever that calorie number is for you.

Another benefit is foods that are high in fiber tend to also be lower in Calories, so it’s a double whammy on the fullness. Not only are you going to be eating foods that help you to get full, you’re going to be able to eat more of those foods as well. So you’re not going to have a problem sticking to the diet if you are including lot’s of these fibrous foods, because you’re going to be eating a lot of food for the same number of Calories.

The recommended amount of fiber for men is 38 grams per day and the recommended amount for women is 25 grams per day and there’s really no upper limit as long as it’s not causing you stomach discomfort. Really, the upper limit is going to be highly individual. For some people, right as you approach that minimum number is going to be where you’re getting uncomfortably full and having GI distress because of fiber intake.

For others, like myself, I’ve really not had an amount of fiber that’s hurt my stomach before. There’s been a couple of times during my last bodybuilding cut where I had over 100 grams of fiber in one day and it didn’t cause me any stomach discomfort, so it’s going to be highly individual for the upper limit of fiber, but that’s just something you figure out over time.

More is probably going to be better when you’re sticking to your Calorie target because it’s going to allow you to eat more food. Plus, out of the 3 years I’ve been coaching, I’ve never had a single person that has consumed too much fiber. Usually, I’m having to help people pick specific foods to get them up to the minimum target, not the other way around. Studies actually support this as well. The vast majority of people only eat about half of what the recommended target is for fiber each day.

I’m actually curious if you guys get enough fiber each day, so let me know in the comments if that’s something that’s not necessarily a problem for you or if it’s something you need to work on a little bit more.

Now, let’s talk about some specific foods to help you boost that fiber intake.

Blackberries – 12.9g fiber
Raspberries – 12.3g fiber
Brussels Sprouts – 8.7g fiber
Broccoli – 7.6g fiber
Chia Seeds – 7.2g fiber
Lentis – 7g fiber
Carrots – 6.8g fiber
Black beans – 6.7g fiber
Green Peas – 6.5g fiber
Kiwis – 5g fiber
Apples – 4.6g fiber
Popcorn – 3.5g fiber

One other fiber option that I did not include in the list, but is something to consider is that there are breads that are fortified with extra fiber.

One final thing I want to mention is because we are talking about fiber and fiber is a type of carb: If you’re tracking your carbs or your macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats), you need to be tracking total carbs, not just net carbs. Net carbs isn’t really a thing. Net carbs is just something that some marketer came up with at some point and did a really good job of because it stuck around, just to sell a product.

What most people refer to net carbs as is total carbs – fiber – sugar alcohols. The problem with that is there are different types of fiber. Some types of fiber do actually contain Calories and sugar alcohols contain Calories. If you’re counting net carbs and going very very very high on fiber in order to be able to eat more carbs, you’re actually going to be consuming more Calories than you’re accounting for, which is going to hurt your fat loss.


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